May 022014

The phrase “paintless dent repair” might seem odd to someone not familiar with the term. Here’s what it refers to: a repair job that can be done without needing to repaint the surface of the area being fixed.

And here’s our top 5 reasons for someone would opt for a “paintless dent repair”

  1. The paint always matches because it’s always and only the original paint! There’s no need to try to match paint color. Nothing makes a repair stand out more than an off color painted repair. Usually the only way to get a paint repair to match is by repainting into both panels on either side. This is often an unnecessary expense for a minor dent.
  2. We’re mobile – there’s no down time for you. We don’t need a paint booth to complete your repair so you don’t need to deal with renting a car to get around while your car is being refreshed.
  3. It’s less expensive. Because we don’t have to add materials to your vehicle our prices are very reasonable.  Usually a fraction of what a body shop would cost.
  4. The repairs lasts. Because we don’t use fillers or drill holes into the car there’s no need to worry about “bond dough” cracks appearing as the car ages.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly. Since we use no harsh, industrial chemicals – our dent repairs are eco-friendly.